About us

Company history

MOCS is an independent private limited company located in Europe, supplier of quality products and services to the oil & gas industry.

Established in 2007, MOCS has initially focused its efforts on the West African market. Subsequently, MOCS has expanded to international trading.   

MOCS activity

As an exclusive representative of companies involved in the oil & gas industry, we will endeavour to offer the most suitable equipment for your typical application.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality equipment either new or refurbished which meet or exceed the governing specifications. Each job is fully traceable and documented with a complete databook.

MOCS purpose is to focus on each customer's individual needs and requirements including but not limited to :

  • The sale of OCTG and drilling equipment,
  • The rental of down hole drilling tool, DST tubing, BOP and ram.

MOCS know-how

We are all oilfield people which allows us to better understand your needs.
Our personnel have both onshore and offshore experience within the following areas: oil service companies, casing running services, drilling contractor, OCTG & completion tools manufacturing.

Over the years, people working for MOCS have been trained, before or during their various assignments, in  engineering, management, oil & gas technics, quality assurance, HSE, ….to broaden their expertise. Each one of us as therefore internal access to a wide range of skills that enables us to better serve you.  

MOCS policy

Our aims and goals are :  

  • Customer focus
  • Dependability
  • Reactivity & Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Continuous improvement

MOCS policy is to enhance customer satisfaction with a commitment to comply with customer's requirements and continually improve our effectiveness being flexible and reactive with a constant service orientated attitude.

Our philosophy is to continue to provide equipment at reduced CAPEX cost in a timely manner and recurrent quality, avoiding our customer expensive breakdowns and time losses.

Over the years we have carefully selected our suppliers based on their ability to supply products in accordance with specified requirements. We have an approved vendor list evaluated and selected over the years on various criterias including on-site audit.

Our policy is to do business in an honest and straight forward manner

As part of our continuous improvement scheme we are currently implementing a management system in compliance with ISO 9001. 

MOCS people have decades
of oilfield experience behind them ……
 ……to step you forward